Growing Up With Natural Makeup

In 2016 we have hit a pivotal point in the cosmetics industry. We now have an abundance of eco natural makeup brands flooding the market. When I was little in the 80's, I loved to get fancy, and only wore dresses. By the time I was 7 or 8 I was trying to convince my mom to let me wear her makeup. Not until I turned 12 did I get to have my own makeup to wear daily, which seems young looking back now that I have a little girl. The makeup available to me then was found in the isles of the drug store. In the 90's natural makeup was not an option if you wanted it to look like makeup. 


Today I had the honor of hosting three teenage girls who are just growing into wearing makeup. Sharing with them, not just the how to's of skin care and makeup application, but the vital information of what's in their makeup was a real revelation. This is something I didn't grow up with. These new clean beauty brands are readily available on the open market for mother's to buy for their budding teens. Being able to share how important it is to start now with clean cosmetics, and avoid all of the toxins, hormone disruptors and synthetics was a joy! A new generation of women who can grow up enlightened and make the movement of clean cosmetics go forward!

These girls are fortunate, they have instant access to databases that can tell them if their makeup is clean or dirty with a push of a button on their smart phones. As much as I feel sad seeing teens glued to smartphones, I feel grateful that there is so much information available to guide them along. 

With these teen girls and their contagious joyful exuberance for getting to play with makeup tonight, I had to giggle along with them, and feel like a teen for a second myself. I am grateful to every single brand out there working to move the needle towards the clean beauty movement, and the profound changes that are taking place with that! 


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