Those Pearly Whites

After visiting the dentist today, I had to visit the topic of dental care. 


A Beautiful Smile

It matters - more than you think. 

The health of our teeth reveals our overall health in a lot of ways. If we are struggling with cavities and buildup, it means we are consuming more processed sugars than our body needs which can lead to oral imbalance and tooth decay. Teeth require some serious pampering through regular brushing (of course), flossing, and rinsing with baking soda to balance pH levels. By doing that regularly, we are helping to avoid an environment for our teeth that encourages further plaque and buildup. According to the Acadamy of General Dentistry - there are clues to overall health from your oral health, and studies that show gum disease as a sign of others wellness issues. 

One major battle is the products that you use to clean your mouth. By choosing products with pure ingredients such as Redmond's Clay Earthpaste or, surprisingly, black charcoal toothpaste, like this one from In Vitamin Natural toothpaste optionswhich naturally whitens and detoxes your teeth, you are using products that, clean the mouth naturally, and creates less work for your oral environment to balance its pH levels; versus toothpaste that has dyes, harsh foaming agents, and potentially contain microbeads.


Personally, with an autoimmune disorder, I have to be extra dilligent to keep my teeth in check. It involves a lot of avoiding sugar, flossing, rinsing before and after with backing soda and salt, and oil pulling. Without those things, I find myself at the dentist frequently. 

Finish your oral care routine with coconut pulling or a cinnamon oil and you are left with very happy gums and shiny, white teeth without the use of those yucky, bleaching strips, giving your smile a boost of happy radiance.


How do you keep your teeth healthy, and do you notice a change in your oral health when you are struggling with illness?



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