The Beautiful Journey of Change

Between leaving Los Angeles, getting married, moving to a small town, and starting a family there was a lot of transitions and changes that took place. Some have changed me forever, others helped me become more fully, feminine me.

When I moved, the story I told was; I am a city girl, a fashion lover, and a makeup artist. Suddenly, I became a "country dweller", living in a progressive biodynamic farming community, where there is a lot of farmers with PhD's. Gardening called me and I responded to the soil. I began planting beautiful vegetables and flowers, while getting the rich soil under my nails. When I went to town, the daily discussions revolved around the best ways to nurture the soil with worm castings and organic amenders, or what flowers compliment the tomatoes I was growing. I let the country life absorb into my blood. I lost a little bit of myself, but I also gained a lot of understanding about the natural world, plants, biodiversity, and the interconnectedness of everything. I became more aware of the choices I made, what I put in and on my body, how I cleaned my home and cared for my child. I had time to be reborn into a woman with a deep passion for the planet, and for it's dwellers wellbeing. photo by Pascal Monmoine

The sub culture of the town I live in with it's highly educated professors, and professionals is feminist, yet it notedly tends to reject femininity. I even heard makeup referred to as the "M" word a couple times. I started to feel a bit silly going to the grocery store with lip color and mascara on. Getting ready in the morning I sometimes felt like I was sneaking a guilty pleasure by putting on eyeshadow and liner. Surprisingly, for a while I even let myself start to believe it all was superfluous.

 A few years later a new transition took place, the feminist part of me that loves being feminine, romantic, and lovely took hold. I had to give myself the grace to embrace it once more. Through my passion for a healthier life for myself and those I love, I spent months researching the beauty products emerging in the market that were beautiful and clean, and worked professionally. The grace I extended to myself allowed me to pass grace to other women who had walked the same journey. Giving women the space and grace to feel feminine and truly enjoy it. I have the opportunity to put makeup on them for their photoshoots, helping them feel confident for their first date after a divorce. Accepting the new place we are in together and who we are right now, brings so much joy and delight. 

When we started this company I thought I was just filling a need in the community for a place to find clean beauty. During our first year working towards our goal of opening a boutique, I saw we provided a safe place to be encouraged while people work into making the transitions in their life to whole lifestyle wellness. There is a new awareness for the need to use products that keep their body safe, and don't add to the toxic burden we already carry in our bodies. Women come in who have had cancer, sensitivities and allergies to synthetic cosmetics, and young ladies who want to start off wearing the good stuff. I feel honored to be a part of that journey, and share the same journey with each of them. 

When I arrived home last night my neighbor invited for me a walk just as I was getting out of the car. I was wearing my red ballet flats I bought in Paris. I had walked miles in them while exploring the most romantic city for a month. I wanted to walk with my neighbor and didn't have a chance to change shoes, so I enjoyed the walk in those same flats on our gravel road. They might have seems fancy or even ridiculous to the forest dwellers and neighbors but they are my shoes, that I love, and have walked countless miles of a long journey in, feeling feminine and lovely. Red suede shoes. Walking the journey

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