Does face cream have to be expensive to be effective?

Does face cream have to be expensive to be effective?

Confession: I am among the many who believed that in comparing $150 anti aging serum vs. $24 Radical Wrinkle Cream the more expensive one would be more effective in achieving my goal of wrinkle reduction. The simple marketing brain calculation of more expensive means better quality ingredients can be true but not in all cases. Until I tried the Radical Wrinkle Complex from Acure, I mostly focused on great oils to nourish my skin and keep it from feeling dry. Fighting a little vanity, I mentally refused used anti-aging anything other than pure lavender essential oil. This year, creaping up on 34 I gave in. 

We decided to carry Acure in our store because they fit our five point profile on clean ingredients, their products are super effective, and the price point is more budget friendly. We ordered the Radical Wrinkle Complex and I left it on the shelf for customers to try, while I tried out our more expensive brands. I was enjoying the glow the Herbivore Phoenix Oil was giving my skin, but I still needed to boost renewing cell growth for my middle age skin. 

I gave our Radical Wrinkle Complex a go, with a little compare and contrast test. I used it on half my face for a week. The first time I tried it, I loved it. It tingles (in a relaxing way) as it works with it's superfood and herbal ingredients. I never expect instant gratification from products, but in this case I saw results immediately. 

My poor unsuspecting husband let me try it on him because I needed to be sure I wasn't making this up. He sighed and let me dab a little around his eyes. He felt the tingle too, and a softening of the cute squint lines around his eyes. 

So we summed this anti-aging cream up to be the best value for real results in a wrinkle cream. 

What's in it? There special Organic Curoxidant Blend -





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