Get Glowing

Get Glowing

Tired skin seems to plauge many of us busy bodies. We want to stay on top of our lives and our skin care falls off the radar. 

As our health and wellness coaches advise us, better to take care of yourself now with healthy nutrients than to try and fix it later. First, be sure you are hydrating with herbal  tea, water with lemon, and even the super powerful hydrator coconut water (note: be sure there are no additional sugars added)

Next get hydrated! No really, finding products that are hydrating will be more age defying than you thinkCoconut water toner from Herbivore. For example the Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist from Herbivore is a great way to rehydrate the skin throughout the day when things begin to feel a bit dry. We don't often think about getting hydrated mid day, but our skin truly needs it. 

A second way to hydrate is through a mask that will hydrate and decrease inflammation. A yogurt and avacado mask can do the trick, as well as Herbivore's Pink Clay Mask, with the added benefit of exfoliation. 

Exfoliation will allow the build up of dead skin cells to slough off and leave a new happy layer of glowing skin! Whether you do it manually or with an exfoliating mask, be sure to give your skin a loving gentle scrub at least once a day!

So Get Glowing and don't forget to care for you skin!