Detoxing Your Beauty



With our Detox Your Beauty series, we wanted to share a little about that it means to detox your skin. Look closely at the ingredients list. One way to detox our skin is to take a break from heavily fragranced skin care products. If it smells like perfume, there are likely fragrances in it that are highly toxic. Run your beauty counter products through a data base like EWG Skin Deep and our Partners Think Dirty Shop Clean, a ratings app that gives you a rating from 0-10. Green 0-3 is Clean - 4-7 is So-So - 8-10 is Dirty. Get the facts about what is going on your skin, how to help it with wholistic products that you have checked out on these databases. 

 detoxing our skin


Many of us need to simplify our skin care, weed out the many products on our counter. Detoxing the skin can also come from using a gentle mask like our Chlorella Sea Algea Mask from Acure. 




A little education can go a long way, and thankfully our cosmetics are changing, and we are seeing more and more toxic ingredients removed from them, like parabens, sulfites, and preservatives. Thanks to the growing clean beauty movement we can purchase more trusted products.

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