The Healthiest Hair

When I get to meet a new product line like Yarok Hair that leaves my hair healthier and bouncier than it has been in years I have to share. Yarok is amazing, clean, botanical, and everything a professioanl hair stylist could want. 

Yarok was developed by celebrity editorial stylist Mordechai Alvow. Yarok means Green in Hebrew! It's the first hair product line that I have swooned over in a long time! It's founded by the beliefe that we need to nuture our hair and care for it with botanicals and vitamins. Not just tame and control it with our products.


Mordechai and I had a video chat recently and I was so impressed by how he has worked hard to make products that can stand up to the synthetics to give the perfect bouncy blow dry, the loveliest curls, and the best paste for holding your style. 


My favorite is the nourishing oils, Feed Your Sunshine, and Feed Your Youth. At Be Pure Beauty we look forward to offering them in treatments at our style bar in Durham, but until then you can use them at home by placing ten drops into you hands and massaging one of them into your scalp before washing your hair. Let this delicious oil soak in, or if you can get a hot towel and wrap your hair in it. After a half hour, wash with Feed Your Volume and you will be blown away by the glossy locks that are reavealed from this treatment. 

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